All video stories have been written, shot, edited, and tracked by Sharis Delgadillo

Ethiopian Jews

published in Trans/Missions: The Israel-Palestine Project

by Sharis Delgadillo 05/25/2011

JERUSALEM, Israel – In November 2010, the Israeli government voted to no longer sponsor Ethiopian immigration. It will only fly in 8,000 more Ethiopian Jews over the course of four years. Such a quota has not been placed on any other group of immigrant Jews making Aliya, the Zionist journey back to what they see as their ancestral homeland.

Musicians strive to make it big despite collapse of record industry

by Sharis Delgadillo 5/12/2010

Since the collapse of the record industry, it has become increasingly harder for musicians to make it big. But now, you’ll meet one up-and-coming band that refuses to give up their dreams.

Massive free clinic exposes health care crisis in Los Angeles

by Sharis Delgadillo 5/3/2010

This country’s Great Recession has left 2.1 million people in Los Angeles without health insurance . Sharis Delgadillo reports on a massive free clinic that came to the rescue.

2010 Census targets immigrants

by Sharis Delgadillo 04/2010

Los Angeles is one of the major cities in the United States with the fastest growing immigrant population. Sharis Delgadillo reports on how this year’s 2010 Census is making a tremendous effort to target this group.

New East Los Angeles high school caught in tug-of-war

by Sharis Delgadillo 03/ 2010

A new East Los Angeles high school has been caught in a tug-of-war before opening its doors next fall. Sharis Delgadillo has the story on this face-to-face confrontation.

Pro-immigrant rights groups put heat on Greyhound bus

by Sharis Delgadillo 02/2010

Greyhound is getting heat by pro-immigrant rights groups. Sharis Delgadillo reports on why they object the company’s cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

Longest mural in the world found in Los Angeles

by Sharis Delgadillo 01/ 2010
Los Angeles has a long history of immigration that is not frequently told. However, there is a hidden place that unfolds the city’s unseen portrait.

Compton’s 8th annual Guns-for-Gifts Christmas program

by Sharis Delgadillo 12/2009
They have to give up their weapons to get their presents. It’s part if the eight annual Gift for Guns exchange program. This Christmas spirit program by the Sheriff’s Department, is an effort to reduce crime in tough neighborhoods like Compton.

New South Central Los Angeles subway line sparks controversy

by Sharis Delgadillo 11/2009
The future construction of a transportation lane along Crenshaw Boulevard is the subject of debate among south Los Angeles Residents. The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority is deciding whether to build a new light rail or improve its existing bus system.


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