Short Documentaries

The following stories have been aired on Impact, an award-winning television news magazine show produced by journalism students at the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism.

Stunt Women of Hollywood

produced by Sharis Delgadillo

Through the explosions, high-flying jumps and fights, we often forget about the people performing the stunts in today’s action films. But, for several stuntwomen, this is more than entertainment, it’s a living.

Thesis: Super Adobe Domes

by Sharis Delgadillo ( scheduled to air on impact December, 2011 )

Super Adobe Domes is a 20 minute documentary  about a building method using only earth, bags, and barbed wire. Originally,  it was intended to provide relief for refugees in developing counties after wars and natural disasters, but now its  being used by residents in San Bernardino County who view it as an affordable alternative during the U.S economic downturn.


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