Welcome to my USC online portfolio by Sharis Delgadillo

21 10 2011

I’m an investigative journalist, television producer, photographer, and a Hard Knocks Angelino. I recently graduated with a master degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. During my academic career, I was the Senior Producer for impact, an award winning news-magazine college television show spanning over 50 channels and reported internationally from South Africa and Israel. My stories have been broadcasted on impact, Cape Town TV in South Africa, and published in the Jerusalem Post, On Being, and various school outlets.

In 2002, I earned my bachelor degree in Sociology with a minor Spanish from the University of  California, Los Angeles, where I studied abroad in both Mexico and Spain while interning at entertainment companies and participating in school activism. Between degrees, I taught English as a Second Language, Citizenship, and computer literacy to immigrants bridging my relationship to the local community. As a first generation Mexican-American, I aim to bring my personal, professional, and educational experiences together to tell compelling and untold stories filled with insight and cultural sensitivity.





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3 04 2012
jane levy williams


I am the editor of the La Habra Journal and received a notice about your winning an Emmy for a segment you produced for Impact while in college. The Journal covers La Habra and the Heights and the release says you are a Heights resident. I would like to include you accomplishments in it. Was there a particular segment for which you received the award or was it for the general production qualities of Impact?

How did you get the position on Impact? Was that a competition or how were people chosen to produce episodes.? What comes next? What is your eventual goal?

My desire is to let high school students know these avenues are possible, but to also give them a realistic idea of what it takes to have any success in this area.

3 04 2012

Jane Levy,

Impact, a Magazine TV show, submitted it’s best produced episode “Episode 57.” The 30-minute episode featured two stories based on Downhill Skateboarding and Ping-Ponging as professional sports.

Those stories were produced by undergraduates or “segment producers” also majoring in Broadcast Journalism at USC. Those stories were produced for a grade in a required documentary production/long-form story telling class taught by documentary producer Dan Birman who also acted as Impact’s Executive Producer and faculty adviser.

However, the award is not based on the individual story content but on the entire production/packaging of the episode. The Impact show is run by a small group of graduate students who work outside of class hours; it’s not a class in itself.

Once the class is finished, Birman and the rest of the staff decide which stories are make the show.

For two years while in grad school I was the Senior Producer of Impact as part of my work-study federal funding. (I took out loans to finance my education. During that process, the federal government granted me a set amount of money that I could earn if I work on campus, which helped reduce my total loan amount). I learned about Impact during a tour for prospective students and knew right away that was what I wanted to do. I didn’t waste any time and quickly applied for the position before school even started. If I would have waited, someone else may have beat me to it. A few days before school started, other preselected Dean Scholars and second year supervisors met and got the ball rolling.

Once the stories are selected, the Impact team spends hours/days/weeks editing and shaving down the story to make it presentable for broadcast. Each episode takes 4-6 weeks to produce. All stories were shot on Sony-Ex-1’s, which was provided by the school.

I would eventually like to become a producer/video journalist. Currently, I’ve been looking for work, attending job fairs, joining associations, attending functions, looking on job boards, and going on interviews. I’ve been looking to find news websites or networks that need video content, a blogger, or a social media manager. It’s not an easy game to play. You have to be open, diligent, determined, and humble enough to find and take a good entry-level position. Having a College Television Award doesn’t mean I’m going to get a high paying position out of school. It just means they may look at my resume first.

If you need more information please email me at sharis.delgadillo@gmail.com. And don’t forget to send me the article. I’m sure Impact would be pleased.

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